How To Play Ludo

Ludo is a board and dice game, in which players have to strategize their moves to move towards victory. Surely everyone has played this game in their childhood. A lot of our good memories are attached to this game and get triggered when hearing the name Ludo.

Ludo originated from a square board game called Pachisi which was initially played by Royal Mughal Emperors. Then in 1896, in England, the name Ludo was officially patented for the game and it has been known since. The simplicity and fast-paced nature of the game attract everyone and it is loved by all ages. Up to 2-4 players can play the game. The basic aim of Ludo is to play the pawns in the decided path and lead them towards the center of the board, in the Home space..

The game consists of several components which by default comes within a single set of the game in the market. These components are:
  3. 3. ONE OR TWO DICE.
How to Play
Ludo is one of the simplest games ever and learning this game is so fun and easy. Four players choose their respective colors of the pawn and the pawns, in the beginning, are at rest in their Personal Homes. Each player gets 4 pawns and can use any pawn to move forward upon the number of the rolled dice, given that the pawns which they want to move are out of their respective Personal Homes. The dice is rolled and the player who gets the number 6 on their dice moves first. As the game progresses, all the pawns of all the players get out of their Personal Homes and will move in the spaces provided on the board. The main objective of the game is to reach first at the center of the board where the Home space is allocated. But the catch is you can get cut off by another player’s pawn on your way to the center. You can also cut-off anyone’s pawn coming in your way. The cut off pawn returns to their Personal Home and will only get when the rolled dice gives the number 6. If a player gets a 6 on the rolled dice, he/she gets a second chance to roll the dice.

There are also shared spaces on the track spaces where every pawn is safe from the others and any number of pawns can sit in this space at a time.

How can you win the game?
Getting a 6 on the dice is something that can’t be controlled, it purely depends on luck. However, moving the pawns after getting 6 or any numbers on the rolled dice is something that can be controlled. Strategize a few steps ahead in your mind and look out for the smartest move possible when your turn comes up. Always keep an eye out for other pawns as they can cut you off in the middle of your journey towards victory and now you will have to start from the beginning.

Variants of the Ludo Game
Want to try something new and different while maintaining the classic feels of the Ludo game? Well, we provide a few variants of the game for the players who seek to play something out of the box.
Variants include:

4 House
WThe rules for this game remain the same as of the base game except for the winning condition of this game. The player now has to end up with all 4 of their pawns in the Home space. The player should be the first one to do so. Each player gets 15 sec to roll the dice and move the desired pawn. The pawn gets opened when the rolled dice gives the number 6 on its face.
WThe Timer is a new variation of the game. As the name suggests, a predefined time is set before the game session and the game follows a point system. Each step rewards 1 point and reaching the Home space will reward you 56 points, a single pawn. The pawns at the beginning are open already, you just have to walk them towards the Home space in the given time. When the timer hits 00:00, the player with maximum points wins the game.

1 House
The game starts normally and sticks to all the basic rules of the Ludo game. The player starts as the dice hits the number 6. Players have to reach the Home space with 1 pawn only. The first player to do so will be declared the winner. Each player gets 15 sec each to roll the dice and play their pawns.

Private table Private tables are fully customizable. They can be 4 houses, 1 House, Timer, etc. whatever you desire. You can invite your friends, family, etc. to play with them on this personalized table. You can create your own game.

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